Yes, although each account requires a unique email and is separate from one another. You can upgrade accounts from Space Cadet to Space Traveler, and Space Pilot or Space Cadet to Space Titan.

An astronaut (user) can upgrade from Space Traveler to Space Pilot, but not from Space Traveler or Space Pilot to Space Titan.

Space Cadet – free plan for 30 days that allows you to bulk upload content. This is the core feature of the Space Pilot plan.

Space Traveler – a no-frills, basic plan with single-file uploads and sharing options.

Space Pilot – includes more advanced options, such as bulk file upload, galaxy (folder) sharing options, galaxy and star (file) share time limit options, and embedded links for hotlinking on external platforms (EQYR 2022). The lowest Space Pilot Plan is $1 per month more than Space Traveler.

Space Titan – group plan with four shared users and one admin. Includes all of the same features as Space Pilot, as well as 250 GB of storage in the base plan. Space Titan costs $10 more per month than Space Pilot.

The SpaceJammit account owner needs to grant public share access in Star Permission to make the file viewable. This accessibility option is set up to prevent the public from accessing your stars without owner approval. This how-to video walks you through the process. You can find more how-to videos on our YouTube Page.

Sharing links and stars can be done by transmitting a signal or by copying the file. Both ways require the user to grant public share access in Star Permission so the file is viewable. Watch this how-to video for help with the process.

This is a default image that appears in one of two scenarios:

  1. Share permissions have not been granted on the file.
  2. The file has been deleted and no longer exists.

This how-to video will walk you through how to share stars. It’s easy!

The most convenient way is to create galaxies through your web browser. After that, use your mobile device to place stars into each created galaxy. Create sub-galaxies as you beam up individual or group files based on your plan’s features.

You must have a paid plan that has a bulk upload feature. User plans with this feature are Space Pilot and Space Titan.

This is a feature on the Space Pilot and Space Titan plans. This how-to video will show you how to share stars.

This is a default image that can be customized. Each user can change the thumbnail image or grab a different default image. Access the menu (three dots) in each galaxy and select the edit feature. Tap “Change Image” and more pictures are available in the archives or you can scroll through your photo library.

Ensure that you’re picking the appropriate filter (photos, videos, audio, etc.). If the file still does not appear, select “Document” from the Beam Up menu. If this still does not allow you to access the file, please contact us by going to Mission Control, selecting the Contact option, and choosing the topic “Other (explain below)”. You can also email us at support@spacejammit.com.

Stars are accessible in your “Files” app.

Refresh the webpage or page on your device (drag the page down, then up).

Yes. SpaceJammit can be used on any phone, device, or laptop that has internet accessibility. Login with the same username and password to access your stars as well as beam up content from each of those devices into one SpaceJammit location.

Be sure to log out of your account when you’re done using SpaceJammit on a device that isn’t yours.

Logins and passwords are case-sensitive. Ensure that letters are capitalized where needed. If that doesn’t help, you can reset your login or password. We have removed the ability to have trailing spaces in logins and passwords to minimize login/password creation and reset issues.

Depending on your location, the cellular network may not support the needed bandwidth or may have spotty reception. We suggest trying to connect to a secure Wi-Fi for improved speed.

This happens because of the number of stars or sizing of those stars you are attempting to beam up and the allotted memory on your device. Refresh your page. If the screen is still locked, close out of the app. Under extreme circumstances, you can delete and reinstall the app. You will not lose any stars and will still be able to access all stars that are in your galaxies.

Your username can be found on Mission Control by selecting the pencil icon to the right of your name at the top of the card.

We have a Contact menu on Mission Control for user feedback that includes a drop-down menu for topics. Access this menu for suggestions and recommendations as well.

Go to Mission Control and select Astronaut Status, then choose Manage Billing Method.

In Mission Control, use the Contact menu and select a topic that best identifies the issue. You can also email us at support@spacejammit.com.

Please check your spam or junk folder and mark the SpaceJammit domain as “never junk” or “never block.”

In Mission Control, use the Contact option and choose the topic “Other (explain below)” or send an email to support@spacejammit.com.

The short answer is yes! We are constantly thinking of new areas of space travel. Please send us your ideas so the SpaceJammit team can review them and create new functionality options to enhance your mission.