Become an astronaut

SpaceJammit is a file sharing service specifically designed for “power users” to share large and numerous files (video, audio, images, pdf, etc.) while enjoying superior quality, low buffering, and high fidelity.

SpaceJammit users can access their files quickly and easily in the fewest steps possible on any internet accessible device (PC, mobile, tablet). The whole SpaceJammit platform – navigation and terminology – is designed around the concept of space for quick understanding and ease of use.

SpaceJammit has random science facts about space that “pop up” to enhance the user experience and the “look and feel” has a space theme. In addition to the web browser, SpaceJammit is available through the app store and play store.

See what others are saying about their space travel.

To the Moon and Beyond

Aliens do exist - seeing is believing!

Avg. upload / beam up time on Wi-fi (PC)

  • 1 GB File ~ 3.5min
  • 3.5 GB File ~ 12min
  • 15 GB over multiple files ~ 42 min

9 reasons why SpaceJammit works for you …

But don’t just read about it, experience it!

  1. Recipients receive mega files through email, text, or social media (MS Teams, WhatsApp, Zoom, Slack) without compromising or wasting space w/large attachments
  2. Retrieve “lost” content on old computers and phones
  3. Eliminate file sync and version control issues
  4. Your content is accessible on any device w/internet access
  5. No software installed / no lost content due to laptop crashing
  6. No account required to receive / view files
  7. No video and picture file degradation or file corruption via text messaging
  8. No dependency to Microsoft, Google, and Apple platforms.
  9. Fast load times and minimum buffering. With a decent internet connection, everything moves at warp speed.

SpaceJammit works seamlessly with numerous file types. Setting permissions as a user / the sender is as easy as 1,2,3.