Win This Motorcycle Giveaway

For $59.99, you can purchase a 12 month Space Pilot plan in SpaceJammit AND have a chance to win the Joe Limandri Jr #62 MotoAmerica Ninja 400 ‘A” bike. 

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  • Compatible with apple, android, and pc devices.
  • Supports all image, video, audio, and common standard file formats
  • Convenient, easy to use- build and maintain a life history of “stories” in file storage

Only 300 total entries for this contest!

This is the exact bike that took 2nd at Barber Motorsports @ the MotoAmerica Junior Cup round in 2022.    Full track ready bike build that is turn key and comes with an assortment of spare parts. Fresh motor with only 1 race weekend still with race livery and full race trim. Includes a set of rain tires and multiple sets of “lightly used” race tires.

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In Mission control, signup for the 100 GB Space Pilot annual plan @ $59.99/year. Additional information will be emailed explaining how to purchase multiple tickets for those that want to increase their odds. ** Additional tickets are $50 after the purchase of the annual plan ** Only a total of 300 plans will be sold!      

$1,500 donated to RoadRacing World Action Fund for rider safety