In a world where digital files have become an integral part of our lives, finding a reliable and versatile file sharing platform is paramount. While many opt for the well-known giants in the industry, there’s an alternative that caters to those who seek flexibility, control, and a sense of independence. Enter SpaceJammit, a class-leading file sharing platform designed to connect seamlessly with Windows, Apple and Android devices. Let’s explore the galaxy of features and benefits of SpaceJammit, highlighting how it empowers users to store and share their valuable photos, documents, and memories.

The Freedom of File Storage

SpaceJammit distinguishes itself from the competition by offering a file sharing solution that prioritizes convenience, flexibility, and user-friendly functionality. With support for all image, video, audio, and common standard file formats, SpaceJammit ensures that no matter the file type, users can effortlessly upload and store their important content. Unlike other platforms that limit your options, SpaceJammit allows you to build and maintain a comprehensive life history of “memories” with ease.


Compatible with both mobile and desktop devices, SpaceJammit offers a seamless user experience across various platforms. Whether you’re on the go or working from your office, you can access your files with a few simple clicks using any internet connected device. The compatibility with Microsoft, Apple and Android devices ensures that SpaceJammit is accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their preferred operating system. It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Anyone can be an astronaut.

Empowering File Sharing

While SpaceJammit provides a robust file storage solution, its unique feature of effortless file sharing sets it apart from the rest. Using SpaceJammit, you can easily generate share links to send files to friends, family, or colleagues. This feature enables quick and hassle-free sharing, eliminating the need for complex file transfers or email attachments. SpaceJammit outperforms others by emphasizing the importance of maintaining the original image and sound quality when file sharing. SpaceJammit does not alter the file format, making it an ideal choice for collaborative projects, personal sharing, or professional purposes.

Exceptional Value for Independence

SpaceJammit’s value proposition extends beyond pricing considerations. While other platforms may compete on cost, SpaceJammit positions itself as an alternative for individuals seeking independence from large corporations. By choosing SpaceJammit, users can embrace a platform that prioritizes their needs, values their data privacy, and fosters a sense of community. SpaceJammit is more than just a file sharing solution; it’s a platform that empowers individuals to take control of their digital lives.



Your world, your files, your galaxy

SpaceJammit, a leading file sharing platform, offers a
comprehensive solution for storing and sharing files. With support for various
file formats, and a focus on user-friendly functionality, SpaceJammit enables
users to conveniently manage their digital content. SpaceJammit’s interface andnavigation is the same on all platforms – regardless if it is Windows,
Apple, Android, Tablet, Mac. Moreover, its emphasis on effortless file sharing
distinguishes it from competitors, making it an ideal choice for collaborative
projects and personal sharing. If you’re seeking an alternative that combines
flexibility, control, and independence, SpaceJammit is your go-to solution.
Embrace the power of SpaceJammit and unlock a world of possibilities for your file storage and sharing needs.

… Any file, Any place, Anytime …

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