SpaceJammit takes creators to new heights

Action cameras are ubiquitous today, from wedding ceremonies to high-speed racetracks, content creators like yourself are producing vast amounts of footage. Their compact size ensures they’re ever-present, ready to capture both the thrilling and mundane moments of your life.

Yet, managing, transferring, sharing, and securely storing these sizable files poses a considerable challenge. Traditional file-sharing applications and cloud storage services often prove inadequate for handling such large files. However, SpaceJammit’s class-leading file-sharing platform excels in addressing these needs, offering unparalleled support for managing your valuable memories.

Blazing-Fast Upload Speeds

The GoPro community mirrors the versatility of its iconic camera. Users deeply understand its adaptability, durability, compactness, portability, and the remarkable quality of its video output. It stands as one of the most revolutionary tools for capturing breathtaking landscapes, dynamic action sequences, immersive visuals, and crafting compelling content. This is where SpaceJammit steps in as a game-changer.

With SpaceJammit, users can effortlessly upload and securely store their content, regardless of file type, preserving its quality without compromise, across various platforms. Unlike conventional file-sharing platforms plagued by sluggish upload speeds, SpaceJammit was designed from the outset with a focus on handling large files efficiently.

With class-leading upload speeds, SpaceJammit empowers you to rapidly transfer content, whether you’re clearing an SD card on the go, expediting your editing process, or instantly sharing your latest masterpiece with your audience, ensuring seamless workflow and uninterrupted creativity.

Access, Anywhere, From Any Device

Imagine yourself as a versatile individual—a blogger, photographer, and adventurer rolled into one. Picture yourself embarking on an outdoor adventure, scaling rocks, trekking through rugged terrains, all the while capturing every moment with your trusty camera. As the adventure concludes, you begin the task of transferring files from your GoPro app to your laptop, only to discover that your hard drive is nearly full. What’s the plan when you’re faced with the risk of losing your precious footage?

With SpaceJammit, you can transfer your edited video projects and raw footage to your personal galaxy, liberating valuable storage space and serving as a secure backup for your files.

By uploading to your galaxy, you gain the advantage of customizing how your content is organized and stored, tailored to your preferences. Moreover, you now have the flexibility to access your files from any device with an internet connection. This means staying on top of your edits, collaborating seamlessly with others, and optimizing your workflow with peace of mind.

In doing so, you achieve the ultimate objective of delivering meticulously organized and backed-up high-quality content to your dedicated fan base.

Organize your Storage for Sharing!

Select what you wish to share and remove files that are less frequently accessed. SpaceJammit prioritizes convenience in file sharing. Compared to providers like Dropbox or Google Drive, SpaceJammit ensures easy and straightforward access to your stored content, eliminating the complications often associated with sharing stored files.

SpaceJammit users can assign unique security measures and permissions for each galaxy, enabling utilizers to securely share diverse content with specific target audiences. Sub folders and can be created within each galaxy to further organize content created before, during and after publishing.

Smooth, Seamless In-app Playback

For content creators and influencers, delivering top-notch content with smooth playback and minimal buffering is paramount for engaging their audience. Setting yourself apart with a seamless viewing experience across various devices and network conditions is key.

SpaceJammit excels in effortless file sharing, ensuring that your content maintains its high-quality playback experience consistently across all social platforms and devices—be it Apple or Android, Windows or MAC. Say goodbye to file degradation woes!

Here’s a bonus: your audience doesn’t even need an account to access your content! It’s the most straightforward and hassle-free way for them to view your stored files. Period. It couldn’t be simpler than SpaceJammit!

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