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*Bleep bleep bleep

The phone alarm rings, on time of course. I swing my arm and in one swift motion turn off the alarm and open my eyes scanning the ceiling. Trying not to overthink anything including packing. Thank goodness I packed last night, especially being too excited to sleep. Who really sleeps the night before an early flight? I sit up, grab my phone and check my notifications.

missed call- mom 7:39am

Calendar update, flight to Las Vegas 2:15pm

Text message- Hey, can you send me the itinerary for Vegas?

Travel buddy already up and ready to go it seems. She is flying out of BWI airport and meeting me in Las Vegas.

So, with a breeze on my phone, I unlock and open my SpaceJammit app, tapped on my Travel Galaxy where I save all my upcoming travel files. Sent her the link to access all the information for the trip. She should be able to become aware, from the lit-up UFO on the SpaceJammit website. (See the picture below) Five minutes go by, and Jodie responds with a smiley face emoji and thank you. She also states how easy and fast it was to open the link to receive the information. I got to be on time, so I showered, got dressed and grabbed my already made coffee from the Keurig which was set on a timer just because I knew I would be on the go. I opened the Uber app, reservation made, grabbed my carry-on and gracefully walked outside to load my things in the trunk.



I finally arrived at the airport via the greatest uber experience ever, no need to stress because of my TSA pre-check pass. No need to check in, because I did in the Uber on my Spirit Airlines app. I walked through security, shoes on and started waiting patiently at my gate. Of course, I need to upload my content from this morning, I created a new galaxy on my SpaceJammit App and uploaded my get ready, ride to the airport and approach to security footage. The greatest thing I love about this App is that it provides me enough space and organization to easily grab and edit my footage. I still had enough time while waiting for the boarding process, so I processed the first part of my trip and sent it to Jodie giving her a shared link to my galaxy. I wanted her opinion on if I needed to add anything else to the content so far. I believe she made it to the airport, because she replied by sending me her content based on the spaceship symbol that popped up at the top.

“Now boarding Zone 1!” the AA attendant yelled over the PA system.

I grabbed my handful of things and walked toward the counter to scan in my boarding pass that I easily accessed from SpaceJammit as well.

“Enjoy your flight” the AA attendant responded.

“Thank you” I cheerfully replied.



Safely landed, and I mean the pilot landed the plane softly and not rough, minus the noise from the reversal of the engine to slow it down. That gets crazy, but dashed of the plane, through immigration with a breeze. I already had my bag and thankfully my hired driver was waiting for me standing with a sign with my name on it.


I made sure I pulled out my phone and captured my exit off the plane and entry into the country, so I can post it, but for now, I will just need to save it to my travel galaxy for now for me to access it later. Finally, Jodie arrives and meets me at the car. Her flight landed not too far after mine. We ventured off to Airbnb which turned out to be flawless. I stayed at The Grandview at Las Vegas, which is conveniently located 10 minutes from the strip, but also next door to Southpoint Casino.  It matched the posting that included a private entrance, full kitchen, upgraded appliances and a huge jacuzzi in the master bedroom with a gorgeous view from the 22nd floor. I loved it immediately. I whipped my phone out again and captured all the things that needed to be seen. 




“Blink blink”, the noise my phone makes when it’s saved to the Travel galaxy.

After changing and getting unpacked, we jumped on the first planned excursion, gathering all the footage and focus of the highlight of the adventure, with the sole purpose of adding it to my reel. The best excursion we did of all was going to Area 15. It’s a multiverse of attractions and events, which has restaurants, bars and shopping. We enjoyed going through the adrenaline rush of the Mega Mart /Meow Wolf and the experience of throwing axe. The greatest part about SpaceJammit is that I can organize where I want each portion of my trip to be stored, whether in an already created galaxy or new galaxy. It’s easy and quick for me to revisit where to go when creating my travel reel. In the picture, you can see I’ve created multiple galaxies, one for every place I have travelled to. I’ve also included a link below to get a closer look. Creating a link like above allows me to share a large amount of files and video without taking up space on your phones or computers. If you have noticed, there are 30 files in the galaxy and it appears about 34mb of data that can be downloaded or shared with other SpaceJammit user’s and they will get a notification (UFO warning). That easy! Check out below the circled UFO.

If you haven’t noticed, throughout my whole trip I’ve been mentioning SpaceJammit and how much it supported all my storage and file sharing needs. That’s just what SpaceJammit is all about, file sharing in the most convenient manner. It offers the ability to share all your images, video, audio, and anything else with a standard file format. Additionally, it’s available on mobile and desktop devices, supporting Apple and Android. No war needed on the best cell phone operating system. If you’d like more information, look at



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